• The American Heart Association honors the Qassim cardiac Center.

            The American Heart Association honored the Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Al-Qassim during the annual conference of the American Heart Association for the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa countries. The conference took place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from January 26th to 27th, 2024. T

  • Your Heart Is Your Life campaign 140 in Qassim Health Cluster

            The Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Al-Qassim participated in the "Your Heart, Your Life" campaign organized by the Al-Qassim Health Cluster on Sunday, February 18, 2024. The initiative, titled "Our Employees Care About You," took place in the assembly hall. It included various clinics, such as ey

  • Conduction a Fire Drill for evacuating a number of cardiac patients in Al-Qassim region.

               Prince Sultan cardiac center Qassim, Adult Section, in collaboration with King Fahd Specialist Hospital Buraidah conducted a fire drill by evacuation number of adult patients who are admitted in the event of a fire. The scenario was to simulate a fire in one of the patient rooms in the car

  • Civil Affairs renews the national ID for the cardiac Center employees

            The Civil Affairs Department in Buraidah took the initiative to include a special participation as part of their planned and scheduled visits to government agencies, to reach to customers before their national ID cards expire. The Civil Affairs Administration visited the Prince Sultan cardiac Cent

  • Qassim Cardiac Center ends An Iraqi child tourist Suffering

            Prince Sultan cardiac Center Qassim successfully ended the suffering of a 1-year and 9-month-old Iraqi child weighing 8 kilograms. The child came to the Kingdom with his family for tourism purposes. The child was suffering from congenital heart defect characterized by a large hole between the ventri

  • The Cardiac Center achieves first place in excellent management

            Prince Sultan Center Cardiac center Qassim has achieved first place in the Excellent Management Track for the year 2022, and first place in the Highest Satisfaction Rating in Measurement Program for the year 2023, at the level of Al-Qassim region. The announcement was made during a ceremony organize

  • First Award for the Head of Cardiac Rehabilitation department at Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Al Qassim

            Al-Qassim health cluster represented by the head of the cardiac rehabilitation department at Prince Sultan cardiac center Qassim, senior specialist Muhannad al-Hamida, won the first place in the scientific research poster competition. Indicated that announcement of the center's representative winnin

  • Qassim Cardiac Center ends a child Suffering

            Prince Sultan cardiac center Qassim ended the suffering of a 5-year-old child weighing 22 kg, who was suffering from a" rare" arterial fistula between the left coronary artery and the right atrium, then the pediatric cardiac intervention team intervened urgently and the arterial fistula was closed t

  • Training more than 1,400 beneficiaries in the simulation center at The Qassim Cardiac Center

            The Simulation and Clinical Skills Training Center at The Prince sultan cardiac center Qassim provided training programs and courses for more than 1,400 beneficiaries in 2023,The center also presented a virtual course, considered the first of its kind in the Kingdom, for advanced cardiac resuscitation for pediatrics, under the supervision and prese

  • Al-Hamidah is Head of the Cardiac Patient Rehabilitation Department at the Center

            The Center Director of the Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Qassim, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mesned, issued a decision of hiring Senior Specialist Muhammad bin Ali Al-Hamidah as Head of the Cardiac Patient Rehabilitation Department at the Center. Senior Specialist Al-Hamidah is considered one of the distin