Department of Nursing Service






The Department of Nursing Services started functioning in the year 1425H (2004G). Its objectives at that time included the development of quality nursing care, the establishment of standards of practice, nursing guidelines and policies. 


Nursing Services Management aims to provide 24-hour high-quality nursing care to our patients in accordance with the Evidence-Based Best Practices Policies and Procedures. We are privileged to have qualified, skilled and knowledgeable staff, who have been well trained in the field of Cardiovascular Nursing.



The Department provides nursing care to cardiac patients in clinical units: Cardiac Out-patient Department, Coronary Care Unit, Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Day Catheterization Unit, Cardiac Operating Room, Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit / Cardiac Surgical Step-down Unit, Adult Cardiology Ward and Pediatric Cardiology Department.

Among the remarkable achievements of our department is the organization and conduction of an Annual Symposium on Critical Care Nursing since 2011 under the title of “Innovation in Critical Care Nursing“. This Annual Symposium, which is in line with our Center’s strategic plan, is meant to keep our Nurses up-to-date on the latest health-care information, techniques, best evolving practices, data, policies, and procedures.