CV of Center's Director




Current Position:

Center Director of Prince Sultan Cardiac Center-Qassim

Interventional Pediatric Cardiologist

Member of Saudi Heart Association






MBBS King Saud University 1998
Saudi Board, Feb 2003 
Arab Board, 2003 
MRCPCH,UK, June 2003
King Faisal Heart Institute Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology 2006
University of Alberta Fellowship in Pediatric Cardiology, Canada  2006
Change Manager certified by PROCI, New Zealand, 2018.
MSc in International healthcare Leadership, Manchester University, UK. , 2020






Postgraduate Training:












·      Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship program in University of Alberta 2006, Stollery Hospital, Canada

·      Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Program from 2003 to 2006, King Faisal Heart Institute, King Faisal       Specialist Hospital and Research Center Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

·      Senior Registrar, Pediatric Department
   October 2002 to August 2003
   Maternity and Children’s Hospital Buraidah
   MCH is main and only Hospital for Pediatric in Buraidah area. Population 500,000. 100 Beds for             pediatrics and 6 Beds in PICU

·      Senior Resident, Pediatrics Department March to September, 2002
   King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

·      Registrar, Pediatric Department October 2000 to October 2002

   King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Qassim

   KFSH is the Tertiary Hospital in Qassim area eventually

   Prince Sultan Cardiac Center was opened

·      Resident , Pediatric Department

   October 1998 to 2000

   King Fahad Specialist Hospital, Qassim

  Resident, Primary Care Center for 2 months






Cath Interventional procedures experience:



ASD, PDA, and VSD device closure, PV and Ao V dilatation, COA balloon and stenting , PA                          stenting and PDA stenting





Other Experience:


·        Director of Prince Sultan Cardiac Center-Qassim since 2010 ,

·        Teaching Pediatric Cardiology for Students in Qassim University since 2004,

·        Member of CBAHI Standard Implementation in more than 60 visits to various hospitals in Qassim          Region to give explanation of CBAHI standards.

·        Member of Prince Sultan Cardiac Mission to Yemen 2008

·        Member of more than 50 pediatric cardiac missions to Kazakhstan , Yemen ,Sudan , Tanzania ,           Morocco , Mauritania , ,Bangladesh ,and Egypt  ( charity missions involve screening for CHD and         active interventions catheterization and surgery )

·        Medical Director of ministry of health  Yemen Mission 2012 (largest mission ever to Yemen )

·        Director of 4 national missions.

·        Examiner for Saudi Pediatric Cardiology Fellowship Training Program  Final Clinical                           Board Examination.

·        Examiner for Saudi Board Pediatric -Final Clinical Examination .

·        Leader in establishing cardiac services in Hail , Alhasa cardiac center and Jizan cardiac center

·        Leader in establishing 5 accredited subspecialty programs in prince sultan cardiac center from           Saudi council for health specialties.

·        Member of national PACS Committee

·        Chairmen for PACS committee for 7 cardiac centers tender.

·        Member of Ministry of Health Committee to update cardiovascular items.

·        Member of executive committee for Qassim health cluster organization.

·        Member of GCC committee for cardiovascular tenders.

·        Member of many MOH tenders for medical and non-medical supplies.

·        Member of Ministry of Health Committee to establish ideal cardiac centers design.

·        Leader in establishing new pediatric cardiac department in MCH

·        Member of more than 20 recruitment missions

·        Member of Saudi health specialty for accreditation of specialty programs

·        Member of executive committee to prepare for Qassim cluster

·        Supervisor for more than 10 international conferences.






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