Visiting Time



Visitors are an important part of the healing process and we encourage family and friends to spend time with you and to bring you good cheer. However, to ensure the comfort and well-being of our patients and the safety of visitors, we ask that visitors observe the following guidelines:

1.For the well-being of your child, it is NOT recommended that children seven years and below visit relatives and friends confined in the hospital.

2.        General visiting hours for Cardiology Ward are between 1600H- 2000H Saturday to Thursday. Friday the visiting hours are from 14ooH-2000H.

3.        Visiting hours for CCU is between 1330H-1430H and 1900H-2000H.  

4.       Hospital staff reserves the right to limit visitation, as needed, to meet the healthcare needs of the patients or to protect the privacy needs of patients.

5.        If visitors are restricted, an explanation is given to you and your visitors of the reason for the restrictions.

6.       Flowers for patients are welcome, except in Intensive Care Unit or when a patient is allergic to pollen, which may promote infection. Friends and family may call 06-325-2000 and dial the local extension to know your room location. However, your privacy is important to us. Please inform the nurse or admitting personnel if you wish this information withheld.

7.        If a patient expressly wishes or if the physician orders that visitors are excluded from the medical/therapeutic reason, a “NO VISITOR” sign is posted on the patient’s door.

8.       If a “No Visitor” sign is posted on a patient’s door but the visitor is already inside the room, the nurse-in-charge may inform the patient and asks the visitor to leave, or when appropriate, informs the hospital security personnel who in turn informs the visitor that it is not allowed.

9.       To protect the health of our patients, visitors and staff “No Smoking” policy are strictly practiced within the hospital premises and hospital units.

10.     Only visitors free from recent exposure to communicable disease, without fever or visible signs of illness, may visit. During times of infectious outbreak in the community (e.g., influenza, measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc.), the Infection Control Committee may recommend restriction in visitation.



1.Visitations outside of regular visiting hours are permitted at the discretion of the unit’s charge nurse on the basis of patient’s need and/or request.

2.        Overnight visitation is generally discouraged, although exceptions are made in unusual circumstances.

3.        Visitors who are allowed to remain in a patient’s room at the end of regular visiting hours must obtain a visitor’s pass from the manager on- duty.

4.       The guard on-duty may advise the visitors outside regular visiting hours to leave the premise.