Education, Training, and Research





The Management of Education, Training, and Research was established to organize and supervise research and education and training programs conducted by the Center. The Management also ensures high standards in the above three domains in an integral strategy of PSCCQ, which is reflected in the high standard of patient care. This enforces the recognition of PSCCQ as a Center of excellence in the cardiovascular field, an institution that is one of the specialized training Centers in the Kingdom, particularly in using research as a tool to improve patient care and focused in its training programs to produce skilled and qualified medical professionals.


The following Programs have been accredited by Saudi

Commission for Health Specialists:


*      Saudi Board of Adult Cardiology

*      Saudi Board of Pediatric Cardiology

*      Saudi Board of Open Heart Anesthesiology

*       Non Invasive Echocardiography

*      Cardiovascular Nursing Diploma

*       Critical Care Nursing Diploma

During the year 2016, The academic programs at the Center had earned around 200 CME/PD Hours by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialist, in which two thousand (2000) healthcare professionals attended these programs.


Our department offers Short Courses, Workshops, and Conferences with the aim of providing a means for the ongoing education of professionals. In 2016, two hundred (200) CME/PD Credit Hours were offered with the total number of participating health care professionals was two thousand (2000).

Our research accomplishments can be summarized as follows:


*     Published Research in Peer-Reviewed Journals (see List 1)

*    Active participation in ten (10) National and International Scientific Programs (Scientific Papers and Posters).

*    Receiving National and International Prestigious Research Awards (see Table 1)
List 1. Published Research in Peer-Reviewed Journals

1. Smettei O., Sayed, S., & Abazid, R. (2016). The prevalence of coronary artery anomalies in Qassim province detected by cardiac computed tomography angiography. Journal of the Saudi Heart Association, 213 ,)3(28.


2. Abazid, R. M., Kattea, M. O., Smettei, O. A., Basher, Y., & Saker, H. (2016). Impact of Coronary Artery Calcification on Percutaneous Coronary Intervention and Post-Procedural Complications. Journal of the Saudi Heart Association.


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