Monday, June 13, 2022





PSCCQ administration is pleased to announce that the CEO of Qassim Health Cluster, Dr. Sultan Al-Shaya, issued a decision to extend the mandate of Dr. Abdulrahman Al Mesned, Pediatric Cardiology Consultant, as the Director of Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Qassim for another one year.

Dr. Al Mesnid was overwhelmed and thankful with his re-appointment as the Center Director. He is also grateful to the CEO of Qassim Health Cluster for giving him such great trust and confidence. Likewise, Dr. Al Mesned was also thankful for the opportunity of continuing his service. Thus, he wished that he may be able to achieve the center's mission by establishing an excellent performance and live above and beyond the expectations of the people who strongly believe in him. Furthermore, he will be doing his best to meet the needs of the people within and outside Qassim and make sure that every service PSCCQ will offer should be for the great benefit of the people.

On the other hand, the PSCCQ staff extends their heartwarming congratulation to Dr. Abdulrahman Al Mesnid and wished him all the best. They were so proud and delighted with the director’s continuity of service who exemplifies a morally admirable and upright person. His re-appointment is the testament of his good record he had shown for the last 10 years as the director of the center. The PSCCQ staffs were confident that Dr. Al Mesned will continue to serve as their encouraging force to do their best in their respective field of assignment.