Tuesday, March 30, 2021





The Pediatric Cardiac Failure Clinic of Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Al-Qassim received more than 297 patients until the end of 2020. The clinic was launched and was ready to attend to cases with heart failure.

The myocardial weakness or myopathy refers to a condition that may result from a wide range of causes of heart diseases. No clear symptoms may appear in the early stages of this disease and the condition may only be discovered by chance, in the event that another medical case may need an X-ray examination. This simply means that cases such as this aren't detected right away. On the other hand, the symptoms for advanced stages are obviously noticeable since it can be persistently shown on the patient's unexplained fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, struggling to breathe during rest mode, palpitations, fainting, and chest pain. Thus, a patient needs more accurate, more meticulous, and more advanced examinations. This type of case shouldn't be taken for granted and should be carefully attended.

The PSCCQ's administration confirmed that the pediatric cardiac failure clinic is one of the specialized clinics in the center that deals with patients suffering from muscle impairment and weakness. The clinic is supervised by a consultant of heart failure and consultant of pediatric cardiac intensive care. Since it has paved its doors to the public, the clinic continually receives many pediatric patients from within the region and beyond. It is with fervent prayers that May Allah heals them all and may Allah bless the medical attendees and professionals as they continue to serve their patients.