Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Al-Qassim started to activate the distance education learning system

Tuesday, March 31, 2020




The center is known to be one of the components of health gatherings in the region. With the threats brought about by the unseen enemy, the deadly Corona Virus, the center was resolute in enabling the distance education system for training and other educational programs, may it be theoretical subjects or practical skills.

The activation of this kind of learning was concentrated to support efforts and impose precautionary measures to stand against COVID-19.  This was also in line with the recommended procedures from the competent national authorities to prevent the spread of the virus and to ensure the safety of some trainees residing outside Qassim region.

This program aims to provide alternative methods of training in accordance to the curriculum prepared by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties and it also intends to communicate quickly with the trainees without interruption during the training process.

The trainers were happy to embrace this educational approach and they were more than glad to convey knowledge to their trainees because they took this kind of remote training as a big challenge to innovate and empower their training skills.

Likewise, the trainees were engrossed with so much happiness. They were thankful that despite the pandemic we are facing, they can still push through with their respective training lessons right at the comfort of their own homes.

Both trainers and trainees were grateful to the center for carrying out the so-called distance learning education.  It simply manifested that PSCCQ is always ready to find ways to continue their service. That even the pandemic cannot stop them from their goal: to teach, to train, and to serve.