PSCCQ Director honor and commend organizers of the awareness campaign for the prevention of heart diseases

Sunday, June 10, 2012





PSCCQ Director Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Mesned, along with the other echelons of the Center like Mr. Saleh Al Debasi, Assistant Financial and Administrative Manager, Medical Director Dr. Tariq Soomro, and Media and Public Relations General Directorate, Mr. Mohammad Al Debasi are thrilled to honor all the organizing members of the recently concluded awareness campaign entitled “Prevention of Heart Diseases: Your Heart, Your Life...Protect Young Heart”.

The Center’s Director, Dr. Al-Mesned, stressed that this activity opens a new range of awareness for the common citizens to at least be armed with the knowledge of the things that could likely put their health, especially their hearts at risk and the basics of keeping their heart fit and healthy. He is also elated with the fact that this awareness campaign has achieved its objectives, particularly in delivering the message to the common folks of maintaining a healthy and risk-free lifestyle. He is likewise overjoyed that this activity has helped and assisted the laymen in terms of health awareness. He also extends his thanks to Ms. Mariam Al Harbi for her tireless effort and dedication for this campaign to be a successful one. Mr. Saleh Al Debasi on the other hand, said that this program has been getting positive feedbacks since it was launched. He also extends his appreciation to all the people behind this success.

For his part, Dr. Tariq Soomro, Medical Director, said that he is overwhelmed with the outcome of the program. He said that awareness campaigns such as this, enlightens the public of the importance of prevention of heart disease. He also expressed his appreciation to the people of the General Directorate for their great help and he said that the Center will keep its role to the society by upholding its objective both in delivering the cardiac services and on the academic front.

In lieu of this successful event, all the members of the organizing team received a certificate of appreciation for their commendable effort to make the campaign a success.


** Honoring of media and public relations from general directorate: