54% "PSCCQ" issued its annual report: an increase in cardiac catheterization and 61% for cardiac surgery

Sunday, June 3, 2012

PSCCQ released its annual report:

A 54% increase in cardiac catheterization and 61% increase for cardiac surgery

The Prince Sultan Cardiac Center in Qassim issued its annual report for the year 1432 AH - 2011 AD, which dealt with the most important developments and achievements made in the fields of medical and administrative during the  year.

The annual report which was prepared by the Media and Public Relations Department started with a speech from the PSCCQ Director Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mesned, who he explained "that what has been observed in this report comes on but not limited to, and gives a visualization of the features of the performance and the work that is at the center of the sections and the various departments and behind them serious and sincere efforts to ensure the success of the health services provided at the center. He expressed his pride for his colleagues in their work place to serve the patients in the region through this medical institution".

The report included a vision, mission and values ​​that look forward to the Center in order to be a center of excellence in cardiology, training, education and research in the Qassim region. The report also included  a presentation editor which was supported by with pictures of the sections of the center, both medical and other departments with its achievements; an addition of monitoring the activities of scientific and training in the Centre and the user's posts both internal and external, showed the figures and statistics contained in the report which supported by the charts 28% increase in cases of admission compared to last year, and an increase of 54% of cardiac catheterization with an increase of 61% in cardiac surgery,  non invasive with  38% while the number of visitors to the  outpatient clinics  by 50%.