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 This program is designed to provide an opportunity for professional nurses to develop a specialized practice and to upgrade the knowledge and clinical competencies of nurses in the area of cardiovascular care based on international standard. It aims at preparing nurses to meet the healthcare needs of cardiovascular care.

The program of study aims at facilitating the learner’s personal and professional growth in cardiovascular care nursing by enhancing their ability to critically think, nurse adult patients with acute complex needs, as well as develop expertise in utilizing human and material resources as well as utilize evidenced based and research findings to support clinical reasoning.


1.    Saudi nationality with Bachelor (BSN) degree in nursing with average not less than Good

2.    Provide three professional letters of reference.

3.    Pass interview (oral and written).

4.    Pass general nursing exam
5.    Have valid Saudi council registration and accreditation 

6.    Have basic knowledge in computer.

7.    Be in good physical health (provided by a recent physical exam report)

8.    Demonstrate competency in writing and comprehension of English.

9.    Study on a full time basis.

10. Valid BLS Certificate

11. Clearance from working hospital and Civil Services