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call for abstract

Call for Abstract

Innovation in the Cardiac Care Conference


The New Horizon in Education and Training: From Access to Quality

 December 18-19, 2018

Deadline for Submission: September16, 2018 AD


We are pleased to announce call for abstracts for the Innovation in the Cardiac Care Conference, which will be held on December 18-19, 2018 under the theme of: The New Horizon in Education and Training: From Access to Quality. The aim is to highlight the advance technology in cardiac care from a multidisciplinary team’s perspective.


Abstract Submission Guidelines:

Please read the following information carefully before your abstract submission:

1.    The abstract should be a brief summary of the paper and should include introductory sentence stating its purpose.

2.    A brief description of the work should be included.

3.    Limited to 250 words.

4.    The paper must be updated (not more than five years)

5.    More than one abstract may be submitted. A separate submission must be made for each abstract.

6.    If the work that you are planning to do is a workshop format, then describe the work briefly.

Conference Objectives:

1.    To provide an opportunity for experts in the field of cardiac care nursing to share experiences and establish collaborations at Regional, National, and International levels.

2.    To offer practicing nurses an educational activity that enhances the cognitive and practical skills necessary to maintain proficiency in nursing practice and to improve the quality of patient care

3.    To share unique approaches for advancing the delivery of patient care in critical care areas.

4.    To develop strategies to improve quality of nursing practice and education.


Please send your abstract in word format to: or


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