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Thursday, November 30, 2017





Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Qassim, Department of Education, Training and Research conducted the 6th National Advanced Learning Course on ECG and Cardiac Arrhythmias on November 29-30, 2017 at King Fahad Specialist Hospital Auditorium.

To mark the start of the program, the Consultant Adult Interventional Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist and Head of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory of PSCCQ, Dr. Mehboob Ali Dar, gave a warm welcome address and acknowledged the presence of everyone. He said that this course has been organized to provide a unique learning opportunity to recognized and approached cardiac arrhythmias disorders. He likewise extends his gratitude to the guest speakers who are the pioneers and experts in the field of Electrophysiology in the region who spared their time to teach and share their insight. Dr. Mehboob Ali Dar emphasized that the said course includes 17 scientific lectures with the latest developments in the Advanced ECG. The course has been approved for 14 CME hours by Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

Dr. Murtada Hussein, PSCCQ Consultant Cardiologist was the first lecturer and discussed the Basics of Electrocardiography, Anatomy, Physiology and Electropharmacology of Normal Cardiac Conduction System and Generation of Cardiac Impulse Acquisition and Interpretation of Normal ECG Mechanism of Arrythmogenesis. This complex topic was well-discussed and explained by Dr. Murtada and everyone around grasped the factual information and details that was being shared.

Dr. Mousa Ayesh Raheel Al Harbi, Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist of King Fahd University Hospital in Al Khobar lectured on Common Antiarrhythmic Drugs Used in Daily Practice and also on the Case-based Interactive Session on Anti-arrhythmic Drugs. These topics were discussed in details and in a comprehensible manner wherein which the participants got so much knowledge from it. 

Thereafter, Dr. Mehboob Ali Dar, the Course Organizer, spearheaded the distribution of Certificates of Appreciation to distinguished guest speakers who spared their time and effort to become a part of the activity. He also thanked the Center Director for their unselfish and untiring support in every endeavor and activity the center is engaged in. Dr. Ali Dar was also overwhelmed and grateful with the successful turnout of the event.

On the other hand, the Center Director also expressed his gratefulness to Dr. Mehboob Ali Dar for playing his part/role so well. He also thanked everyone who showed off in the program especially to the unsparing contribution of the speakers.

Dr. Bandar Saeed Al Ghamdi, Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist of King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center Riyadh thoroughly talked about Genetic Arrythmia Syndromes, LQTS, SQTS, Brugada, CPVT, Idiopathic VF, Early Repolarization, ECG Recognition and Management and Interactive Session.  He vividly discussed every single detail that needs to be inculcated and be learned by the participants so that they will be more knowledgeable about this certain topics.

Once again, Dr. Mousa Ayesh Raheel Al Harbi stood out and gave a lecture on ECG Recognition and Approach to Interpret, Diagnose and Manage Wide-complex Tachycardia. Additionally, the lecturer also included the Interactive ECGs of Ventricular Tachycardia. It was indeed a substantial lecture that expands the limited knowledge of the participants.

Heading on, the third session started with the lectures given by Dr. Ahmed Rashed Al Fagih, Consultant Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist of Prince Sultan Military Medical City Riyadh. He discussed ECG Recognition and Approach to Interpret, Diagnose and Manage Narrow Complex Tachycardia and also on the Interactive ECG Session SVT's.

Moreover, Dr. Bandar Saeed Al Ghamde discussed the Classification of AV Blocks, ECG Recognition of Pacemaker Rhythm, Artifacts, Fusion Beats, Pacing and Sensing Malfunction and CRT ECGs. 

Furthermore, Mr. Shareef Ibrahim, Senior Clinical Leader of Biosense Webster Inc. also spoke out and shared his knowledge on The Role of 3D Technologies in the Management of Cardiac Arrythmias. He discussed this particular topic extensively. 

Session 4 was focused on a Mini ECG Course for Nurses and Technicians.  Its chairpersons were Dr. Mehboob Ali Dar and Dr. Rami Abazid. It commenced with a discussion on Wide-complex Tachycardia lectured by Dr. Yasser Radwan Al Hindawi Masalma, PSCCQ Specialist Cardiologist and Fellow.

Dr. Rihab Abdlerahim Mohammadnour, PSCCQ Specialist Cardiologist and Fellow followed with a lecture about Narrow-complex Tachycardia.

The activity successfully ended up with the distribution of certificates to the 140 participants. The Course Director himself, Dr. Mehboob Ali Dar was more than happy and grateful for the outcome of the event. Thus, he is also looking forward to another similar event in the following years.