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A total of 128 students and teacher participated during the PSCCQ’s 41st Awareness Campaign at number 38 High School in Buraidah

Tuesday, November 21, 2017





Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Qassim recently held its 41st Awareness Campaign for Prevention of Heart Diseases under the theme “Your Heart, Your Life… Protect Young Heart” held at the number 38 High School in the city of Buraidah. One hundred twenty-eight (128) students and teachers participated in the said activity.  Today’s campaign was in connection with the celebration of the World Diabetes Day; the campaign was launched in the presence of the Head of the School Ms. Jawhara Al Nagmishi.  

This campaign was designed for the students to benefit from the health teaching imparted by our team of qualified healthcare providers.  During the activity, the medical team performed blood sugar test, blood pressure check, and nutrition information. The campaign also includes morning exercise for the students and their teacher.

Regular check-up, eating the right and healthy foods, avoiding smoking, maintaining one’s average body mass index and having a positive outlook in life are just some of the few things that should be done to maintain a healthy body in general. The program also included an educational workshop which urged participants to know the importance of having a healthy lifestyle.

Ms. Mariam Ghaleb Al Harbi, executive director of the health awareness campaign, stressed that this campaign is the continuation of PSCCQ's ongoing public service. As it is, the objective of this campaign is to continue disseminating information on the prevention of heart diseases and awareness of the disease itself. The efforts of the team were paid off with the tangible success of the event. The affair ended with the distribution of certificates of thanks and appreciation to recognize the efforts of the team.