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Thursday, November 16, 2017





The Department of Education, Training, and Research of Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Qassim in collaboration with the King Abdulaziz University for Health and Science successfully holds the 3rd Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Course on November 14-15, 2017 at the Maternity Children’s Hospital Buraidah Training Hall.

Leading off the program, PSCCQ Center Director and Consultant Pediatric Interventional Cardiologist, Dr. Abdulrahman Al Mesned gave an overview and introduction of the course and likewise warmly welcomed the participants with his welcome remarks.

The first lecture was set on Critical Perspectives in Non-Cyanotic Congenital Heart Lesions. This topic was comprehensively discussed by Dr. Mohamed Salim Kabbani, Consultant of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at King Abdulaziz Medical City and King Abdulaziz Cardiac Center NGHA Riyadh. 

On the other hand, Dr. Sameh Rabie Elsayed Ismael gave a thorough discussion on Critical Perspectives in Cyanotic Heart Disease. He is the Consultant Pediatric Cardiac Intensivist of King Abdulaziz Medical City and King Abdulaziz Cardiac Center NGHA Riyadh.

In addition, the Associate Consultant Pediatric Cardiac Intensivist of King Abdulaziz Medical City, Dr. Hayan Fayez Al Taweel elaborated the Pediatric ECG Post-Cardiac Surgery.

As the program resumed, PSCCQ Consultant Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Khalid Ahmed Ali Hummed Al Hawri gave a detailed discussion about Cardiopulmonary Bypass Circuit and Its Complications Post-Cardiac Surgery.

Moreover, Dr. Mohammad Husam Hamadah lectured on Post-operative Care After Pediatric Cardiac Surgery. He is known to be the Associate Consultant Pediatric Cardiac Intensivist at King Abdulazis Medical City and King Abdulaziz Cardiac Center NGHA Riyadh.

After a while, the participants were divided into groups and four specified stations were also set at the venue for a series of workshops to practically understand and actualize the lectures. 

Station 1 was all about a workshop on Pediatric Arrhythmia and it was facilitated by Dr. Hayan Al Taweel and Dr. Marwan Al Hawbani. The second station headed by Dr. Mohamed S. Kabbani and Dr. Hussam Hamadah was set on a workshop about Low Cardiac Output State Management. Subsequently, Dr. Sameh Ismail led the workshop on X-ray Interpretation in Pediatric Cardiac Patients at the third station. The fourth and last station was centered on a workshop in Heart Anatomy and it was administered by Dr. Khalid Al Hawri and Dr. Mohamed Hasab El Nabi.

On the second day, Dr. Bana Ismail Nasser Agha, PSCCQ's Consultant Pediatric Cardiac Intensivist started the event with his lecture on Blood Transfusion Management in Pediatric Cardiac Patients.

More so, a discussion about Pulmonary Hypertension Post-Pediatric Cardiac Surgery was given by Dr. Hayan Fayez Al Taweel. He was also a lecturer on the first day. Furthermore, PSCCQ's Consultant Pediatric Interventional Cardiology; Dr. Ali Abdullah Al Akhfash was the speaker of the Basic Echo Interpretation for Intensivist.

As the lectures continued, Dr. Mohammad Hussam Hamadah shared his knowledge on The Use of Bedside US in Pediatric Cardiac ICU. Dr. Sameh Rabie Elsayed Ismail followed as he discussed the Management of Post-Operative Bleeding.

During the afternoon session, workshops were also conducted in four separate stations at the MCHB Training Center. This was intended to expect a full understanding on the series of lectures being discussed.

Dr. Sameh Ismael led the workshop on Pacemaker Introduction at the first station. The second station was concentrated on a workshop in U/S in Cardiac ICU and it was guided by Dr. M. Hussam Hamadah and Dr. Marwan Al Hawbani. Another workshop regarding Nursing Care of Post-Operative Cardiac Patients was given at the third station and it was facilitated by Dr. Mohamed S. Kabbani and Ms. Soumya T. S. The last workshop at the fourth station was headed by Dr. Mohamed S. Kabbani and Mr. Anto V. Amalraj and it dealt on Trouble Shooting in Mechanical Ventilation.

To sum it up, this two-day event was indeed successful because of its substance and essence and it also brought a remarkable impact on the participants. Thus, the Course Organizer, Dr. Bana Ismail Nasser Agha was overwhelmed with the unexpected success and turnout of the course. she was thankful to everyone who spent time and effort to be a part of the activity. Henceforth, she was also looking forward to the next similar event in the succeeding years.