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Friday, October 27, 2017

A committee of the Faculty of Specialization of the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties visited Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Qassim for assessment and evaluation for PSCCQ's Re-accreditation as a training center for the Saudi Fellowship Program in Cardiac Anesthesia.


The committee was represented by Dr. Ahmed Abu Zied, Head of Anesthesia Department of Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Riyadh. He was also accompanied by Dr. Abdullah Al Khnezan, Family Medicine consultant. They are personally welcomed by the Center Director, Dr. Abdulrahman Al Mesned, and Dr. Abdullah Al Qwee, Head of Pediatric Cardiology Department, and the Head of Anesthesiology Department and the director of the Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship Program Dr. Mutasim Hammad.


Dr. Mutasim gave a detailed visual presentation of the anesthesia department, the number, and characteristic of the procedures of the interventions of both adult and children alike. Furthermore, he also visually presented a very detailed explanation of the center’s achievement in general as well as the achievement of the Anesthesia Department from 2016 until 2017.  


Right after the meeting, the committee accompanied with a number of the center's staff, had a tour around the center, including the Department of Intensive Care for Pediatric Cardiac Surgery, Department of Outpatient Clinics, Cardiac Catheterization and Operation Section.


Right after the presentation, the committee accompanied with a number of the center’s staff had an ocular visit around the center, including the Department of Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care, Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization, Cardiac Operation Department and Outpatients Clinic.


At the end of the visit, the committee remarkably appreciated the center’s excellent performance, especially the progress it achieved in the different aspect, may it be in the number of the patients they have treated and the corresponding treatments provided to them.